Training Days

TGRV circuit offers training days for kids above 5 years old as well as for adults.

Learn the basic skills of kart racing from professional qualified trainers, there will be a trainer from the UK teaching you all the techniques required for competitive racing. These trainers are responsible for coaching a 4 time local champion who is pursuing his motor sports career in the UK.

Training courses are available for groups of up to 24 people and students will undergo an intensive one week course where they will be accommodated at our facility.

During this one week course the students will get to learn all the basic skills required for competitive kart racing, the basis for all motor sports. You can participate in the course with your own kart as well as hire one of our kart's.

Skills acquired during this course include:

  • basic safety regulations
  • racing etiquette
  • efficient & effective use of the brakes
  • how to navigate corners
  • finding the perfect racing line
  • everything else you need to know to enter the world of competitive kart racing both locally and international.

For more information, get in touch with us on +254(0) 722 411 042 or email us at and we'll get back to you.