Endurance Karting Challenge

This is a highly charged X-TREME karting challenge that will satisfy even the hardiest of the adrenaline seekers. A team of 5-10 drivers per team must face 2 to 6 hours of rigorous driving. This challenge requires teamwork and high levels of concentration, good team leadership and guidance.

The challenge is open as:

FUN X TREME - A team of friends can organize a goup of 5-10 to participate in a 2 hour duel. The group will race against 10 other teams. The minimum entrants per group is 5 persons.

CO OPERATE CHALLENGE ‘X’ TREME - Corporates fight for glory in this highly competitive endurance race. Why not try the night challenge! Adds a whole new dimension.

There will be tropies awarded for the top 3 teams.

Sodi World Series - Arrive and Race

We are proud to host the Sodi World Series at our circuit. This is the largest and most popular leisure karting championship in the world. Two thousand races are held each year around the world. The local winner at TGRV will get a chance to race against the top leisure karters at the finals in Europe.

You are required to register with the SWS website online.

The concept is similar to that of ‘ARRIVE AND DRIVE’, but in this instance you will be racing against other drivers all in the SODI GT series. We will provide the kart and gear, you can also bring your own gear if you wish to do so

The TGRV Karting Championship

This is a racing kart championship which hosts a variety of classes and accomadates individuals of all ages starting from the age of 5 onwards.

The classes are as follows:

50 cc Bambino class - ages 5-8yrs Homolgation –Topkart chassis with a 50cc Comer engine

60cc Cadet class - ages 8-13yrs, Topkart chassis 90-95cm with a Comer W60 Engine

Rotax Junior - ages 13-17, open chassis 125cc Rotax, JAG SEALED

Open class, KF1,KF2,DD2 - Dust off those karts and come racing!

Here you are required to bring your own equipment(you can hire a FIA level 2 suit/gloves from us) and follow the rules and regulations that regulate the sport at our venue.

For more information regarding our rules and regulations please request for a copy of the regulations to be emailed to you.